Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/035

Improvements to NFC Mobile Transaction and Authentication Protocol

Muhammad Qasim Saeed

Abstract: A protocol for NFC mobile authentication and transaction is recently proposed by W. Chen et al. This protocol is used for micropayments, where the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) pays for its customers. The main advantage of this protocol is its compatibility with the existing GSM network. This paper suggests some improvements in this protocol from security point of view. As this protocol is used for monetary transactions, it should be as secure as possible. This paper presents an improved version of the existing protocol with a detailed analysis at the end. The user interaction with the system is improved making it more user friendly. An additional layer of security has been added by introducing PIN authentication by the user. Mutual authentication is improved by adding freshness by the mobile device in order to resist replay attack. We also add digital signatures with the transaction messages for data integrity and non-repudiation.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Near Field Communication; Security; mobile transaction; GSM authentication

Date: received 24 Jan 2013, withdrawn 1 Sep 2013

Contact author: muhammad saeed 2010 at live rhul ac uk

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