Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/627

Efficient Group Signatures in the Standard Model

Laila El Aimani and Olivier Sanders

Abstract: In a group signature scheme, group members are able to sign on behalf of the group. Since the introduction of this cryptographic authentication mechanism, several schemes have been proposed but only few of them enjoy a security in the standard model. Moreover, those provided in the standard model suffer the recourse to non standard-assumptions, or the expensive cost and bandwidth of the resulting signature. We provide three practical group signature schemes that are provably secure in the standard model under standard assumptions. The three schemes permit dynamic enrollment of new members while keeping a constant size for both keys and group signatures, and they improve the state-of-the art by several orders of magnitude.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Group signature, bilinear groups, standard model, non-interactive zero-knowledge

Publication Info: ICISC 2012

Date: received 5 Nov 2012, last revised 26 Nov 2012

Contact author: oliviersanders at live fr

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