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Bit-Parallel $GF(2^{n})$ Squarer Using Shifted Polynomial Basis

Xi Xiong and Haining Fan

Abstract: We present explicit formulae and complexities of bit-parallel shifted polynomial basis (SPB) squarers in finite field $GF(2^{n})$s generated by general irreducible trinomials $x^{n}+x^{k}+1$ ($0< k <n$) and type-II irreducible pentanomials $x^{n}+x^{k+1}+x^{k}+x^{k-1}+1$ ($3<k<(n-3)/2$). The complexities of the proposed squarers match or slightly outperform the previous best results. These formulae can also be used to design polynomial basis Montgomery squarers without any change. Furthermore, we show by examples that XOR gate numbers of SPB squarers are different when different shift factors in the SPB definition, i.e., parameter $v$ in ${\{}x^{i-v}|0\leq i\leq n-1 {\}}$, are used. This corrects previous misinterpretation.

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Date: received 4 Nov 2012

Contact author: xiongxi08 at gmail com; fhn@tsinghua edu cn

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