Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/545

A Versatile Multi-Input Multiplier over Finite Fields

Haibo Yi, Shaohua Tang, Lingling Xu

Abstract: Multiplication of three elements over finite fields is used extensively in multivariate public key cryptography and solving system of linear equations over finite fields. This contribution shows the enhancements of multiplication of three elements over finite fields by using specific architecture. We firstly propose a versatile multi-input multiplier over finite fields. The parameters of this multiplier can be changed according to the requirement of the users which makes it reusable in different applications. Our evaluation of this multiplier gives optimum choices for multiplication of three elements over finite fields. Implemented results show that we takes $22.062$ ns and $16.354$ ns to execute each multiplication of three elements over $GF((2^4)^2)$ based on table look-up and polynomial basis on a FPGA respectively. Experimental results and mathematical proofs clearly demonstrate the improvement of the proposed versatile multiplier over finite fields.

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Publication Info: versatile multiplier, multi-input multiplier, composite field, finite field, table look-up, polynomial basis, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

Date: received 17 Sep 2012, last revised 4 Nov 2012

Contact author: haibo yi87 at gmail com,shtang@IEEE org

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Note: Corresponding Author: Shaohua Tang

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