Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/507

Compact Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Hash Functions in ATtiny Devices

Josep Balasch and Bariş Ege and Thomas Eisenbarth and Benoit Gérard and Zheng Gong and Tim Güneysu and Stefan Heyse and Stéphanie Kerckhof and François Koeune and Thomas Plos and Thomas Pöppelmann and Francesco Regazzoni and François-Xavier Standaert and Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer and Loïc van Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel and Ingo von Maurich

Abstract: The pervasive diffusion of electronic devices in security and privacy sensitive applications has boosted research in cryptography. In this context, the study of lightweight algorithms has been a very active direction over the last years. In general, symmetric cryptographic primitives are good candidates for low-cost implementations. For example, several previous works have investigated the performances of block ciphers on various platforms. Motivated by the recent SHA3 competition, this paper extends these studies to another family of cryptographic primitives, namely hash functions. We implemented different algorithms on an ATMEL AVR ATtiny45 8-bit microcontroller, and provide their performance evaluation using different figures. All the implementations were carried out with the goal of minimizing the code size and memory utilization, and evaluated using a common interface. As part of our contribution, we additionally decided to make all the corresponding source codes available on a web page, under an open-source license. We hope that this paper provides a good basis for researchers and embedded system designers who need to include more and more functionalities in next generation smart devices.

Category / Keywords: implementation / hash functions

Date: received 1 Sep 2012

Contact author: fstandae at uclouvain be

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