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On pseudorandomization of information-theoretically secure schemes without hardness assumptions

Koji Nuida

Abstract: A recent work by Nuida and Hanaoka (in ICITS 2009) provided a proof technique for security of information-theoretically secure cryptographic schemes in which the random input tape is implemented by a pseudorandom generator (PRG). In this paper, we revisit their proof technique and generalize it by introducing some trade-off factor, which involves the original proof technique as a special case and provides a room of improvement of the preceding result. Secondly, we consider two issues of the preceding result; one is the requirement of some hardness assumption in their proof; another is the gap between non-uniform and uniform computational models appearing when transferring from the exact security formulation adopted in the preceding result to the usual asymptotic security. We point out that these two issues can be resolved by using a PRG proposed by Impagliazzo, Nisan and Wigderson (in STOC 1994) against memory-bounded distinguishers, instead of usual PRGs against time-bounded distinguishers. We also give a precise formulation of a computational model explained by Impagliazzo et al., and by using this, perform a numerical comparison showing that, despite the significant advantage of removing hardness assumptions, our result is still better than, or at least competitive to, the preceding result from quantitative viewpoints. The results of this paper would suggest a new motivation to use PRGs against distinguishers with computational constraints other than time complexity in practical situations rather than just theoretical works.

Category / Keywords: foundations / foundations, pseudo-randomness

Date: received 1 Sep 2012

Contact author: k nuida at aist go jp

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