Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/414

Low complexity bit-parallel $GF(2^m)$ multiplier for all-one polynomials

Yin Li and Gong-liang Chen and Xiao-ning Xie

Abstract: This paper presents a new bit-parallel multiplier for the finite field $GF(2^m)$ generated with an irreducible all-one polynomial. Redundant representation is used to reduce the time delay of the proposed multiplier, while a three-term Karatsuba-like formula is combined with this representation to decrease the space complexity. As a result, the proposed multiplier requires about 10 percent fewer AND/XOR gates than the most efficient bit-parallel multipliers using an all-one polynomial, while it has almost the same time delay as the previously proposed ones.

Category / Keywords: implementation / foundations

Date: received 24 Jul 2012

Contact author: yunfeiyangli at gmail com

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