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Differential Fault Analysis on Block Cipher Piccolo

Kitae Jeong

Abstract: Piccolo is a 64-bit block cipher suitable for the constrained environments such as wireless sensor network environments. In this paper, we propose differential fault analysis on Piccolo. Based on a random byte fault model, our attack can recover the secret key of Piccolo-80 by using an exhaustive search of 2^{24} and six random byte fault injections on average. It can be simulated on a general PC within a few seconds. In the case of Piccolo-128, we require an exhaustive search of 2^{40} and eight random byte fault injections on average. This attack can be simulated on a general PC within one day. These results are the first known side-channel attack results on them.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Block cipher, Piccolo, Differential fault analysis

Date: received 17 Jul 2012

Contact author: kite jeong at gmail com

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