Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/291

Efficient Dynamic Provable Possession of Remote Data via Update Trees

Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton

Abstract: The emergence and wide availability of remote storage service providers prompted work in the security community that allows a client to verify integrity and availability of the data that she outsourced to an untrusted remove storage server at a relatively low cost. Most recent solutions to this problem allow the client to read and update (i.e., insert, modify, or delete) stored data blocks while trying to lower the overhead associated with verifying the integrity of the stored data. In this work we develop a novel scheme, performance of which favorably compares with the existing solutions. Our solution enjoys a number of new features such as a natural support for operations on ranges of blocks, revision control, and support for multiple user access to shared content. The performance guarantees that we achieve stem from a novel data structure termed a balanced update tree and removing the need to verify update operations.

Category / Keywords: Applications

Date: received 24 May 2012, last revised 1 Jun 2012

Contact author: yzhang16 at nd edu

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