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Cyptanalysis CDHP , BDHP and Tate pairing under certain conditions The Tate pairing is less secure than Weil

Rkia Aouinatou (1) Mostafa Belkasmi (2)

Abstract: This work fall within the cadre of Cryptanalysis. Because, under certain condition, we would give a fairly simple method to solve the CDHP (the Problem Computational of Diffie and Hellman) and others problems associated to it. Since, solving this problem, will help us to provide a solution to the BDH (Problem Bilinear of Diffie and Hellman). The CDHP and BDHP are the heart of many cryptosystems in the point of view security, so solving it may be a threat to this cryptosystem’s. To elucidate this, we use a concept of geometry algebraic named Tate Pairing. This work is purely theoretical, we give firstly an overview on the idea and we illustrate it by an examples to see its efficiency.

Category / Keywords: CDHP, BDHP, Tate Pairing, Function Rational, Order of Point, Divisor and algorithm of Miller.

Publication Info: Not published

Date: received 16 May 2012

Contact author: rkiaaouinatou at yahoo fr

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