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Boomerang and Slide-Rotational Analysis of the SM3 Hash Function

Aleksandar Kircanski and Amr M. Youssef

Abstract: SM3 is a hash function designed by Xiaoyun Wang et al., and published by the Chinese Commercial Cryptography Administration Office for the use of electronic authentication service system. The design of SM3 builds upon the design of the SHA-2 hash function, but introduces additional strengthening features. In this paper, using a higher order differential cryptanalysis approach, we present a practical 4-sum distinguisher against the compression function of SM3 reduced to 32 rounds. In addition, we point out a slide-rotational property of SM3-XOR, which exists due to the fact that constants used in the rounds are not independent.

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Date: received 15 May 2012

Contact author: akircanski at gmail com

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