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In the point of view security, An efficient scheme in IBE with random oracle

Rkia Aouinatou1, Mostafa Belkasmi2

Abstract: We present in these papers a scheme, which bypasses the weakness presented in the existed scheme of IBE with random oracle. We propose, a secure scheme which project into Zp contrary to elliptic curve as with Boneh and Franklin. More, our scheme is basing in its study of simulation in the problem 4-EBDHP which is more efficient than q-BDHIP used by Skai Kasarah. We provide the prove of security of our scheme and we show its efficiency by comparison with the scheme declared above. Even if it we have a little cost in complexity, but as in the field cryptography we are more interested to the security, this makes our proposition more efficient.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Random Oracle, IBE, Security, 4-EBDHP, q-BDHIP, projection into elliptic curve.

Publication Info: not yet published

Date: received 27 Apr 2012

Contact author: rkiaaouinatou at yahoo fr

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Note: This work is linked to the preparation of my thesis. I hope to be examined by eprint archive

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