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(Pseudo) Preimage Attack on Round-Reduced Grøstl Hash Function and Others (Extended Version)

Shuang Wu and Dengguo Feng and Wenling Wu and Jian Guo and Le Dong and Jian Zou

Abstract: The Grøstl hash function is one of the 5 final round candidates of the SHA-3 competition hosted by NIST. In this paper, we study the preimage resistance of the Grøstl hash function. We propose pseudo preimage attacks on Grøstl hash function for both 256-bit and 512-bit versions, i.e. we need to choose the initial value in order to invert the hash function. Pseudo preimage attack on 5(out of 10)-round Grøstl-256 has a complexity of $(2^{244.85},2^{230.13})$ (in time and memory) and pseudo preimage attack on 8(out of 14)-round Grøstl-512 has a complexity of $(2^{507.32},2^{507.00})$. To the best of our knowledge, our attacks are the first (pseudo) preimage attacks on round-reduced Grøstl hash function, including its compression function and output transformation. These results are obtained by a variant of meet-in-the-middle preimage attack framework by Aoki and Sasaki. We also improve the time complexities of the preimage attacks against 5-round Whirlpool and 7-round AES hashes by Sasaki in FSE~2011.

Category / Keywords: hash function, meet-in-the-middle, preimage attack, Gr{\o}stl, Whirlpool, AES

Publication Info: FSE 2012

Date: received 15 Apr 2012, last revised 9 Sep 2012

Contact author: wushuang at is iscas ac cn

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Note: Extended Version for the camera-ready version that will be published at FSE 2012 proceeding

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