Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/189

Universally Composable Key-Management

Steve Kremer and Robert Künnemann and Graham Steel

Abstract: We present the first universally composable key-management functionality, formalized in the GNUC framework by Hofheinz and Shoup. It allows the enforcement of a wide range of security policies and can be extended by diverse key usage operations with no need to repeat the security proof. We illustrate its use by proving an implementation of a security token secure with respect to arbitrary key-usage operations and explore a proof technique that allows the storage of cryptographic keys externally, a novel development in simulation-based security frameworks.

Category / Keywords: Key management Security APIs Universal Composability

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Date: received 10 Apr 2012, last revised 11 Apr 2013

Contact author: kunneman at lsv ens-cachan fr

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