Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/174

Zero Knowledge with Rubik's Cubes and Non-Abelian Groups

Emmanuel VOLTE and Jacques PATARIN and Valérie NACHEF

Abstract: The factorization problem in non-abelian groups is still an open and a difficult problem. The Rubik's cube is a famous group that illustrates the hardness of the problem. We will define a public key identification scheme based on this problem, in the case of the Rubik's cube, when the number of moves is fixed to a given value. Our scheme consists of an interactive protocol which is zero-knowledge argument of knowledge under the assumption of the existence of a commitment scheme. We will see that our scheme works with any non-abelian groups with a set of authorized moves that has a specific property. Then we will generalize the scheme for larger Rubik's cubes and for any groups.

Category / Keywords: zero-knowledge, Rubik's cube, authentication, symmetric group, cryptographic protocol, factorization

Date: received 2 Apr 2012, last revised 9 Dec 2012

Contact author: emmanuel volte at u-cergy fr, valerie nachef@u-cergy fr

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Note: The scheme has been simplified, there are more references to other existing papers, and the scheme has been extended to non-abelian groups.

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