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Provably Secure Online/Off-line Identity-Based Signature Scheme forWireless Sensor Network

Jayaprakash Kar

Abstract: This paper describes an efficient and secure online and off-line signature scheme for wireless sensor network (WSN). Security of the proposed scheme is based on difficulty of breaking Bilinear Diffie-Hellman problem (BDHP). WSN systems are usually deployed in hostile environments where they encounter a wide variety of malicious attacks. Information that is the cooked data collected within the sensor network, is valuable and should be kept confidential. In order to protect this transmitted information or messages between any two adjacent sensor nodes, a mutual authentication and key establishment protocol is required for wireless sensor networks. Because some inherent restrictions of sensor nodes which include low power, less storage space, low computation ability and short communication range most existing protocols attempt to establish a pairwise key between any two adjacent sensor nodes by adopting a key pre-distribution approach. In order to further reduce the computational cost of signature generation, online/off-line is suitable for WSN. In on-line/offline signature scheme, the signing process can be broken into two phases. The first phase, performed off-line, is independent of the particular message to be signed; while the second phase is performed on-line, once the message is presented.

Category / Keywords: Bilinear Pairing,BDHP, multi-signature, online/off-line.

Date: received 26 Mar 2012, last revised 8 Jan 2013

Contact author: jayaprakashkar at yahoo com

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