Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/123

Injection of transient faults using electromagnetic pulses -Practical results on a cryptographic system-

A. Dehbaoui and J.M. Dutertre and B. Robisson and P. Orsatelli and P. Maurine and A. Tria

Abstract: This article considers the use of magnetic pulses to inject transient faults into the calculations of a RISC micro-controller running the AES algorithm. A magnetic coil is used to generate the pulses. It induces computational faults without any physical contact with the device. The injected faults are proved to be constant (i.e. data independent) under certain experimental conditions. This behaviour, combined with the ability to choose the faulted bytes thanks to timing accuracy in the fault injection process, makes it possible to implement most of the state-of-the-art fault attack schemes.

Category / Keywords: AES, Fault Attack, Electro-Magnetic Pulse

Date: received 5 Mar 2012

Contact author: amine dehbaoui at gmail com

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