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Designing Integrated Accelerator for Stream Ciphers with Structural Similarities

Sourav Sen Gupta and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Ayesha Khalid

Abstract: Till date, the basic idea for implementing stream ciphers has been confined to individual standalone designs. In this paper, we introduce the notion of integrated implementation of multiple stream ciphers within a single architecture, where the goal is to achieve area and throughput efficiency by exploiting the structural similarities of the ciphers at an algorithmic level. We present two case studies to support our idea.

First, we propose the merger of SNOW 3G and ZUC stream ciphers, which constitute a part of the 3GPP LTE-Advanced security suite. We propose HiPAcc-LTE, a high performance integrated design that combines the two ciphers in hardware, based on their structural similarities. The integrated architecture reduces the area overhead significantly compared to two distinct cores, and also provides almost double throughput in terms of keystream generation, compared with the state-of-the-art implementations of the individual ciphers.

As our second case study, we present IntAcc-RCHC, an integrated accelerator for the stream ciphers RC4 and HC-128. We show that the integrated accelerator achieves a slight reduction in area without any loss in throughput compared to our standalone implementations. We also achieve at least 1.5 times better throughput compared to general purpose processors. Long term vision of this hardware integration approach for cryptographic primitives is to build a flexible core supporting multiple designs having similar algorithmic structures.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Stream Ciphers, Integrated Accelerator, ASIC, Area Efficiency, High Throughput, 3GPP LTE-Advanced, SNOW 3G, ZUC, RC4, HC-128.

Publication Info: Extended version of the INDOCRYPT 2011 paper by Sen Gupta, Chattopadhyay and Khalid.

Date: received 31 Jan 2012

Contact author: sg sourav at gmail com

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