Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/016

Efficient Mix-Net Veri cation by Proofs of Random Blocks

Denise Demirel and Melanie Volkamer and Hugo Jonker

Abstract: In order for a mix-net to be usable in practice (e.g. in electronic voting), efficient verification is a must. Despite many advances in the last decade, zero-knowledge proofs remain too computationally intense. Two alternative proof approaches have been suggested: optimistic mix-net verification and randomized partial checking. Puiggalí et al. proposed a verification method combining these two approaches. This paper investigates their mix-net and proposes a verification method which offers both improved efficiency and more privacy.

Category / Keywords: mix-net, efficient verification, batch verification, privacy, randomized partial checking, optimistic mixing, eVoting

Date: received 10 Jan 2012, withdrawn 7 Feb 2012

Contact author: denise demirel at cased de

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