Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/007

Optimal Multiple Assignments with (m,m)-Scheme for General Access Structures

Qiang Li, Xiangxue Li, Dong Zheng, Kefei Chen

Abstract: Given the number n of the participants, one can solve an integer programming on 2^n variables to construct an optimal multiple assignment with threshold schemes for general access structure. In this paper, we focus on finding optimal multiple assignments with (m,m)-schemes. We prove that most of the variables in the corresponding integer programming take the value of 0, while the remaining variables take the values of either 0 or 1. We also show that given a complete access structure, an optimal scheme may be obtaineddirectly from the scheme by Ito, Saito, and Nishizeki (Secret sharing scheme realizeing any access structure, in Globecom 1987).

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Date: received 5 Jan 2012, last revised 8 Jan 2012

Contact author: xxli at cs ecnu edu cn

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