Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/523

Security analysis of a fuzzy identity-based encryption scheme

Miaomiao Tian and Liusheng Huang and Wei Yang

Abstract: A fuzzy identity-based encryption scheme allows a ciphertext encrypted under an identity $ID^*$ to be decrypted using a secret key corresponding to the identity $ID$ which is close to $ID^*$ as measured by some metric. Recently, Ren et al. proposed a new fuzzy identity-based encryption scheme and proved that it is fully chosen-ciphertext secure in the standard model. However, in this paper, we will show that their fuzzy identity-based encryption scheme is even not chosen-plaintext secure.

Category / Keywords: Cryptanalysis; Fuzzy identity-based encryption; Chosen-ciphertext secure; Chosen-plaintext secure

Date: received 23 Sep 2011, last revised 9 Oct 2011, withdrawn 20 Feb 2012

Contact author: miaotian at mail ustc edu cn

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