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A !ew Efficient Asymmetric Cryptosystem for large data sets

M.R.K. Ariffin, M.A. Asbullah and N.A. Abu

Abstract: The Diophantine Equation Hard Problem (DEHP) is a potential cryptographic problem on a Diophantine equation. The DEHP has been in existence for ``worst case scenario" of the RSA, Diffie-Hellman and El-Gammal schemes. However, the DEHP emerges after the exponentiation and modular reduction process. The proposed scheme (known as the $AA_{\beta}$-cryptosystem) is an asymmetric cryptographic scheme that utilizes this concept (without any prior mathematical operation) together with the factorization problem of two large primes. Its encryption speed has a complexity order faster than the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, El-Gammal, RSA and ECC. It can encrypt large data sets than its key size. It has a simple mathematical structure. Thus, it would have low computational requirements and would enable communication devices with low computing power to deploy secure communication procedures efficiently.

Category / Keywords: Diophantine equation hard problem (DEHP), integer factorization problem, asymmetric cryptography

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Date: received 28 Aug 2011, last revised 19 Jun 2012

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