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R-hash : Hash Function Using Random Quadratic Polynomials Over GF (2)

Dhananjoy Dey, Noopur Shrotriya, Indranath Sengupta

Abstract: In this paper we present an improved version of HF-hash [4] viz. R-hash : Hash Function Using Random Quadratic Polynomials Over GF(2). In case of HF-hash, the compression function consists of 32 polynomials with 64 variables which were taken from the first 32 polynomials of hidden field equations challenge-1 by forcing last 16 variables as 0. Merkle-Damg°ard mode operation was used in computation of HF-hash. In R-hash, we have randomly selected 32 quadratic non-homogeneous polynomials with 64 variables over GF(2) to improve the security of the compression function used in HF-hash. We have also changed the design principle of HF-hash because of the theoretical weakness found in the Merkle-Damg°ard construction. In this paper we will prove that R-hash is more secure and much more efficient than HF-hash.

Category / Keywords: Dedicated hash functions, differential attack, MQ problem, preimage attack.

Publication Info: Accepted for publication on IJCSIT

Date: received 9 Aug 2011, last revised 7 Apr 2012, withdrawn 9 Oct 2012

Contact author: ddey06 at gmail com

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Note: This paper is accepted for publication on IJCST. Editorial borad requires the copy-right.

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