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Analogues of Velu's Formulas for Isogenies on Alternate Models of Elliptic Curves

Dustin Moody and Daniel Shumow

Abstract: Isogenies are the morphisms between elliptic curves, and are accordingly a topic of interest in the subject. As such, they have been well-studied, and have been used in several cryptographic applications. Velu’s formulas show how to explicitly evaluate an isogeny, given a specification of the kernel as a list of points. However, Velu’s formulas only work for elliptic curves specified by a Weierstrass equation. This paper presents formulas similar to Velu’s that can be used to evaluate isogenies on Edwards curves and Huff curves, which are normal forms of elliptic curves that provide an alternative to the traditional Weierstrass form. Our formulas are not simply compositions of Velu’s formulas with mappings to and from Weierstrass form. Our alternate derivation yields efficient formulas for isogenies with lower algebraic complexity than such compositions. In fact, these formulas have lower algebraic complexity than Velu’s formulas on Weierstrass curves.

Category / Keywords: Elliptic curves, isogeny, Edwards curve, Huff curve

Date: received 9 Aug 2011, last revised 18 Dec 2013

Contact author: dbmoody25 at gmail com

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Note: We revised the paper to include some numerical computations we did.

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