Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/377

Improved Generalized Birthday Attack

Paul Kirchner

Abstract: Let r, B and w be positive integers. Let C be a linear code of length Bw and subspace of Fr . The k-regular-decoding problem is to find 2 a nonzero codeword consisting of w length-B blocks with Hamming weight k. This problem was mainly studied after 2002. Not being able to solve this problem is critical for cryptography as it gives a fast attack against FSB, SWIFFT and learning parity with noise. In this paper, the classical methods are used in the same algorithm and improved.

Category / Keywords: Generalized Birthday Attack, Linearization, Information-Set Decoding, Wagner, Low memory requirement, SWIFFT, FSB, LPN

Date: received 11 Jul 2011

Contact author: pole kirchner at gmail com

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