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Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication Using MBNR and Point Halving

G.N.Purohit, Asmita SIngh Rawat

Abstract: The fast implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems heavily relies on the efficient computation of scalar multiplication. Scalar multiplication is most important and costly operation (in terms of time) in ECC, there is always a need of developing a faster method with lower cost. Generalization of double base number system of a number k to multi-base number system (MBNR) provides a faster method for scalar multiplication In this paper we optimize the cost of scalar multiplication using halving and add method instead doubling and add methods. Using this method the cost is reduced from 40% to 50% with respect to the other techniques of number representation.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Point halving

Publication Info: Elliptic curve cryptography, Wireless Network, double base number system, multi-base number system, point halving.

Date: received 8 Apr 2011, withdrawn 9 Apr 2011

Contact author: singh asmita27 at gmail com

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