Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/130

Ergodic Theory Over ${\F}_2[[T]]$

Dongdai Lin, Tao Shi, and Zifeng Yang

Abstract: In cryptography and coding theory, it is important to study the pseudo-random sequences and the ergodic transformations. We already have the $1$-Lipshitz ergodic theory over ${\Z}_2$ established by V. Anashin and others. In this paper we present an ergodic theory over ${\F}_2[[T]]$ and some ideas which might be very useful in applications.

Category / Keywords: foundations / pseudo-randomness, ergodic

Date: received 14 Mar 2011

Contact author: ddlin at is iscas ac cn; shitao@is iscas ac cn; yangzf@mail cnu edu cn

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