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On the number of bent functions from iterative constructions: lower bounds and hypotheses

Natalia Tokareva

Abstract: In the paper we study lower bounds on the number of bent functions that can be obtained by iterative constructions, namely by the construction proposed by A.Canteaut and P.Charpin in 2003. The number of bent iterative functions is expressed in terms of sizes of finite sets and it is shown that evaluation of this number is closely connected to the problem of decomposing Boolean function into sum of two bent functions. A new lower bound for the number of bent iterative functions that is supposed to be asymptotically tight is given. Applying Monte-Carlo methods the number of bent iterative functions in 8 variables is counted. Based on the performed calculations several hypotheses on the asymptotic value of the number of all bent functions are formulated.

Category / Keywords: foundations / boolean functions; bent function; lower bound

Publication Info: Print variant. It is publushed in Advances in Mathematics of Communications (AMC). 2011. V. 5, N 4. P. 609-621.

Date: received 17 Feb 2011, last revised 15 Feb 2012

Contact author: tokareva at math nsc ru

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