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Collision Resistance of the JH Hash Function

Jooyoung Lee and Deukjo Hong

Abstract: In this paper, we analyze collision resistance of the JH hash function in the ideal primitive model. The JH hash function is one of the five SHA-3 candidates accepted for the final round of evaluation. The JH hash function uses a mode of operation based on a permutation, while its security has been elusive even in the random permutation model.

One can find a collision for the JH compression function only with two backward queries to the basing primitive. However, the security is significantly enhanced in iteration. For $c\leq n/2$, we prove that the JH hash function using an ideal $n$-bit permutation and producing $c$-bit outputs by truncation is collision resistant up to $O(2^{c/2})$ queries. This bound implies that the JH hash function provides the optimal collision resistance in the random permutation model.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / hash functions

Date: received 10 Jan 2011

Contact author: jlee05 at ensec re kr

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