Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/621

Generic Compilers for Authenticated Key Exchange (Full Version)

Tibor Jager and Florian Kohlar and Sven Schäge and Jörg Schwenk

Abstract: So far, all solutions proposed for {\em authenticated key agreement} combine key agreement and authentication into a single cryptographic protocol. However, in many important application scenarios, key agreement and entity authentication are clearly separated protocols. This fact enables efficient attacks on the na\"ıve combination of these protocols. In this paper, we propose new compilers for two-party key agreement and authentication, which are provably secure in the standard Bellare-Rogaway model. The constructions are generic: key agreement is executed first and results (without intervention of the adversary) in a secret session key on both sides. This key (or a derived key) is handed over, together with a transcript of all key exchange messages, to the authentication protocol, where it is combined with the random challenge(s) exchanged during authentication.

Category / Keywords: authenticated key exchange, protocol compiler, TLS

Publication Info: ASIACRYPT 2010

Date: received 5 Dec 2010, last revised 2 Aug 2012

Contact author: florian kohlar at rub de

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Note: Full version of the paper presented at ASIACRYPT 2010, Singapore.

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