Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/552

A Note on Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge and the ZKPOK Ideal Functionality

Carmit Hazay and Yehuda Lindell

Abstract: In this note, we provide a formal proof of the fact that any protocol that is a zero-knowledge proof of knowledge for a relation $R$ is also a secure protocol for the zero-knowledge proof of knowledge functionality, where the latter is defined according to the standard framework of stand-alone secure computation. Although this is a well-known fact, to the best of our knowledge, no full proof of this has been published.

Category / Keywords: foundations /

Publication Info: This is an excerpt from the book "Efficent Secure Two-Party Protocols" by the authors.

Date: received 28 Oct 2010

Contact author: lindell at cs biu ac il

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