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A secure email login system using virtual password

Bhavin Tanti, Nishant doshi

Abstract: In todayís world password compromise by some adversaries is common for different purpose. In ICC 2008 Lei et al. proposed a new user authentication system based on the virtual password system. In virtual password system they have used linear randomized function to be secure against identity theft attacks, phishing attacks, keylogging attack and shoulder surfing system. In ICC 2010 Liís given a security attack on the Leiís work. This paper gives modification on Leiís work to prevent the Liís attack with reducing the server overhead. This paper also discussed the problems with current password recovery system and gives the better approach.

Category / Keywords: Cryptography, Email attack, Security, Virtual password.

Publication Info: submitted to CNSA-2011

Date: received 11 Sep 2010, last revised 21 Mar 2011

Contact author: bhavintanti at gmail com, doshinikki2004@gmail com

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