Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/407

Flaws in Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round PRESENT

Manoj Kumar and Pratibha Yadav and Meena Kumari

Abstract: In this paper, we have presented flaws in differential cryptanalysis of reduced round variant of PRESENT given by M.Wang in [3] [4] for 80 bits key length and we have shown that it is not possible to recover 32 subkey bits by differential cryptanalysis of 16-round PRESENT as claimed in [3] [4].We have also shown that at the most 30 subkey bits can be recovered by the attack given in [4] after some modifications in the algorithm presented in [3][4].

Category / Keywords: implementation /

Date: received 21 Jul 2010

Contact author: mktalyan at yahoo com

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