Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/385

First-Order Side-Channel Attacks on the Permutation Tables Countermeasure –Extended Version–

Emmanuel Prouff and Robert McEvoy

Abstract: The use of random permutation tables as a side-channel attack countermeasure was recently proposed by Coron [6]. The countermeasure operates by ensuring that during the execution of an algorithm, each intermediate variable that is handled is in a permuted form described by the random permutation tables. In this paper, we examine the application of this countermeasure to the AES algorithm as described in [6], and show that certain operations admit first-order side-channel leakage. New side-channel attacks are developed to exploit these flaws, using correlation-based and mutual information-based methods. The attacks have been verified in simulation, and in practice on a smart card.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Side Channel Attack, Countermeasure, AES

Publication Info: A short version of this paper has been published in the proceedings of CHES 2009 conference.

Date: received 7 Jul 2010

Contact author: e prouff at oberthur com

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