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LAB Form for Iterated Hash Functions

Xigen Yao

Abstract: In this paper,we proposed a efficient and laconic mode for iterative hash functions and tried to fix the flaws of the Merkle-Damgaard construction completely and certainly tried to prevent varieties of those generic attacks ,such as Multicollisions Attack,Second Preimage Attack and Herding Attack.The struc- ture of this new mode is different from HAIFA or any other proposal,it contains a new method “Locking Abutting Blocks”(LAB)with checksum ,it makes a larger size of connotative chaining value without requirements of intricate computing and larger memory and it allows for an online computation in one pass with a fixed memory independently .It’s also easy to avoid the generic attacks (presented by Praveen Gauravaram and John Kelsey) which apply on the hash functions with linear-XOR/additive checksum.

Category / Keywords: hash function ,iterating ,abutting blocks,effectual chaining variable,checksum blocks

Date: received 9 May 2010, last revised 26 Nov 2012

Contact author: dihuo377 at 163 com

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