Paper 2010/244

Authenticating Aggregate Range Queries over Dynamic Multidimensional Dataset

Jia XU


We are interested in the integrity of the query results from an outsourced database service provider. Alice passes a set $\set{D}$ of $d$-dimensional points, together with some authentication tag $\set{T}$, to an untrusted service provider Bob. Later, Alice issues some query over $\set{D}$ to Bob, and Bob should produce a query result and a proof based on $\set{D}$ and $\set{T}$. Alice wants to verify the integrity of the query result with the help of the proof, using only the private key. Xu J.~\emph{et al.}~\cite{maia-full} proposed an authentication scheme to solve this problem for multidimensional aggregate range query, including {\SUM, \COUNT, \MIN, \MAX} and {\MEDIAN}, and multidimensional range selection query, with $O(d^2)$ communication overhead. However, their scheme only applys to static database. This paper extends their method to support dynamic operations on the dataset, including inserting or deleting a point from the dataset. The communication overhead of our scheme is $O(d^2 \log N)$, where $N$ is the number of data points in the dataset.

Note: Major update, since the based paper (eprint 2010/50) has been improved significantly.

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