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One-round and authenticated three-party multiple key exchange protocol from parings

Feng LIU

Abstract: One round three-party authenticated key exchange protocols are extremely important to secure communications and are now extensively adopted in network communications. These protocols allow users to communicate securely over public networks simply by using easy-to-remember long-term private keys. In 2001, Harn and Lin proposed an authentication key exchange protocol in which two parties generate four shared keys in one round, and three of these keys can provide perfect forward secrecy.This work,which aims to generalize two-party multiple key agreement sets to three-party key agreement sets,presents a three-party multiple key exchange protocol based on bilinear pairing.The proposed protocol does not require server's public key and requires only a single round. Compared with existing protocols, the proposed protocol is more efficient and provide greater security.

Category / Keywords: Cryptography;Security;Three-party key exchange;Network security;Bilinear pairing

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Date: received 26 Apr 2010, last revised 28 May 2010

Contact author: liufeng23490 at 126 com

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Note: There is a flaw in the protocol.

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