Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/218

New Montgomery-based Semi-systolic Multiplier for Even-type GNB of GF(2^m)

Zhen Wang and Shuqin Fan

Abstract: Efficient finite field multiplication is crucial for implementing public key crytosystem. Based on new Gaussian normal basis Montgomery(GNBM) representation, this paper presents a semi-systolic even-type GNBM multiplier.Compared with the only existing semi-systolic even-type GNB multiplier, the proposed multiplier saves about 57% space complexity and 50% time complexity.

Category / Keywords: implementation / finite field multiplication, Gaussian normal basis, elliptic curve cryptosystem, Montgomery, systolic architecture

Date: received 19 Apr 2010, withdrawn 1 Jan 2012

Contact author: shuqinfan78 at gmail com;longdizhen@gmail com

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