Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/197

Fully Secure Anonymous HIBE and Secret-Key Anonymous IBE with Short Ciphertexts

Angelo De Caro and Vincenzo Iovino and Giuseppe Persiano

Abstract: Lewko and Waters [Eurocrypt 2010] presented a fully secure HIBE with short ciphertexts. In this paper we show how to modify their construction to achieve anonymity. We prove the security of our scheme under static (and generically secure) assumptions formulated in composite order bilinear groups. In addition, we present a fully secure Anonymous IBE in the secret-key setting. Secret-Key Anonymous IBE was implied by the work of [Shen-Shi-Waters - TCC 2009] which can be shown secure in the selective-id model. No previous fully secure construction of secret-key Anonymous IBE is known.

Category / Keywords: IBE, Hierarchical IBE, full security, key privacy and anonymity.

Publication Info: Pairing 2010

Date: received 8 Apr 2010, last revised 28 Oct 2010

Contact author: decaro at dia unisa it

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Note: Extended version of the Pairing 2010 paper.

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