Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/185

New Methods to Construct Golay Complementary Sequences Over the $QAM$ Constellation

Wenping Ma, Chen Yang, and Shaohui Sun

Abstract: In this paper, based on binary Golay complementary sequences, we propose some methods to construct Golay complementary sequences of length $2^n$ for integer n, over the $M^2$-$QAM$ constellation and $2M$-$Q$-$PAM$ constellations, where $M=2^m$ for integer $m$. A method to judge whether a sequence constructed using the new general offset pairs over the $QAM$ constellation is Golay complementary sequence is proposed. Base on this judging rule, we can construct many new Golay complementary sequences. In particular, we study Golay complementary sequences over $16$-$QAM$ constellation and $64$-$QAM$ constellation,many new Golay complementary sequences over these constellations have been found.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Sequences

Date: received 6 Apr 2010

Contact author: wp_ma at mail xidian edu cn

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