Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/152

Secure and Fast Implementations of Two Involution Ciphers

Billy Bob Brumley

Abstract: Anubis and Khazad are closely related involution block ciphers. Building on two recent AES software results, this work presents a number of constant-time software implementations of Anubis and Khazad for processors with a byte-vector shuffle instruction, such as those that support SSSE3. For Anubis, the first is serial in the sense that it employs only one cipher instance and is compatible with all standard block cipher modes. Efficiency is largely due to the S-box construction that is simple to realize using a byte shuffler. The equivalent for Khazad runs two parallel instances in counter mode. The second for each cipher is a parallel bit-slice implementation in counter mode.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Anubis, Khazad, involution ciphers, block ciphers, software implementation, timing attacks

Date: received 22 Mar 2010, last revised 10 Nov 2010

Contact author: billy brumley at tkk fi

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