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A New Class of Public Key Cryptosystems Constructed Based on Perfect Error-Correcting Codes Realizing Coding Rate of Exactly 1.0

Masao Kasahara

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new method for constructing the public-key cryptosystems based on a class of perfect error-correcting codes. The constructed PKC is referred to as K(IV)SE(1)PKC. In K(IV)SE(1)PKC, members of the class of perfect error correcting codes such as (7,4,3) cyclic Hamming code and (3,1,3) code {000,111} is used, yielding a simple process of encryption and decryption. The K(IV)SE(1)PKC has a remarkable feature that the coding rate can take on exactly 1.0 due to the use of perfect codes. Besides the size of the public key for K(IV)SE(1)PKC can be made smaller than that of the McEliece PKC.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Public Key Cryptosystem (PKC), Error-Correcting Code, Multivariate PKC, Linear PKC, McEliece PKC

Date: received 13 Mar 2010

Contact author: kasahara at ogu ac jp

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