Paper 2010/091

Distinguishers for the Compression Function and Output Transformation of Hamsi-256

Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Emilia Käsper, Lars Ramkilde Knudsen, Krystian Matusiewicz, Rune Odegaard, Thomas Peyrin, and Martin Schläffer


Hamsi is one of 14 remaining candidates in NIST's Hash Competition for the future hash standard SHA-3. Until now, little analysis has been published on its resistance to differential cryptanalysis, the main technique used to attack hash functions. We present a study of Hamsi's resistance to differential and higher-order differential cryptanalysis, with focus on the 256-bit version of Hamsi. Our main results are efficient distinguishers and near-collisions for its full (3-round) compression function, and distinguishers for its full (6-round) finalization function, indicating that Hamsi's building blocks do not behave ideally.

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Published elsewhere. To appear in proceedings of ACISP 2010
hash functionsdifferential cryptanalysisSHA-3
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emilia kasper @ esat kuleuven be
2010-04-24: revised
2010-02-22: received
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