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Authenticating Aggregate Range Queries over Multidimensional Dataset

Jia XU and Ee-Chien CHANG

Abstract: We are interested in the integrity of the query results from an outsourced database service provider. Alice passes a set D of d-dimensional points, together with some authentication tag T, to an untrusted service provider Bob. Later, Alice issues some query over D to Bob, and Bob should produce the query result and a proof based on D and T. Alice wants to verify the integrity of the query result with the help of the proof, using only the private key. In this paper, we consider aggregate query conditional on multidimensional range selection. In its basic form, a query asks for the total number of data points within a d-dimensional range. We are concerned about the number of communication bits required and the size of the tag T. We give a scheme that requires O(d^2 log^2 N) communication bits to authenticate an aggregate count query conditional on d-dimensional range selection, where N is the number of points in the dataset. The security of our scheme relies on Generalized Knowledge of Exponent Assumption proposed by Wu and Stinson [1]. The low communication bandwidth is achieved due to a new functional encryption scheme, which exploits a special property of BBG [2] HIBE scheme. Besides counting, our scheme can be extended to support summing, finding of the minimum and usual (non-aggregate) range selection with similar complexity, and the proposed approach potentially can be applied to other queries by using suitable functional encryption schemes.

Category / Keywords: Authentication, Multidimensional Aggregate Query, Secure Outsourced Database, Generalized Knowledge of Exponent Assumption, Functional Encryption

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Date: received 31 Jan 2010, last revised 22 Mar 2011

Contact author: jiaxu2001 at gmail com

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