Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/042

A modified eCK model with stronger security for tripartite authenticated key exchange

Qingfeng Cheng and Chuangui Ma and Fushan Wei

Abstract: Since Bellare and Rogaway presented the first formal security model for authenticated key exchange (AKE) protocols in 1993, many formal security models have been proposed. The extended Canetti-Krawczyk (eCK) model proposed by LaMacchia et al. is currently regarded as the strongest security model for two-party AKE protocols. In this paper, we first generalize the eCK model for tripartite AKE protocols, called teCK model, and enhance the security of the new model by adding a new reveal query. In the teCK model, the adversary has stronger powers, and can learn more secret information. Then we present a new tripartite AKE protocol based on the NAXOS protocol, called T-NAXOS protocol, and analyze its security in the teCK model under the random oracle assumption.

Category / Keywords: eCK model; teCK model; authenticated key exchange; GDH assumption; random oracle assumption

Date: received 28 Jan 2010, last revised 29 Jan 2010

Contact author: qingfengc2008 at sina com

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