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A Novel Design Method of Stream Ciphers Based on Table-Element Permutation

Hongbo Zou

Abstract: In this paper, a new stream ciphers design method (named TEP) is proposed to base on the table-element nonlinear permutation. A number of words are generated by n-LFSRs(linear feedback shift register) input to a table. In the table, every word is dealt with by the nonlinear transforms and the several words are combined with nonlinear function to produce keystream words. The algorithm is simplicity and the secret key is generated rapidly. The result of many simulation experiments show that the keystream by TEP method generating can meet DIEHARD statistics tests. The approach is efficient to design stream ciphers.

Category / Keywords: Stream cipher , combintional function , LFSR, permutation

Date: received 10 Nov 2009, last revised 8 Sep 2010

Contact author: scnjds at 163 com

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