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Sunil Pandey and Praveen Kaushik and Dr. S.C. Shrivastava

Abstract: In many of the cryptography applications like password or IP address encryption schemes, symmetric cryptography is useful. In these relatively simpler applications of cryptography, asymmetric cryptography is difficult to justify on account of the computational and implementation complexities associated with asymmetric cryptography. Symmetric schemes make use of a single shared key known only between the two communicating hosts. This shared key is used both for the encryption as well as the decryption of data. This key has to be small in size besides being a subset of a potentially large keyspace making it convenient for the communicating hosts while at the same time making cryptanalysis difficult for the potential attackers. In the present work, an abstract Rossler nonlinear dynamical machine has been described first. The Rossler system exhibits chaotic dynamics for certain values of system parameters and initial conditions. The chaotic dynamics of the Rossler system with its apparently erratic and irregular characteristics and extreme sensitivity to the initial conditions has been used for the design of the cryptographic key in an attempt to increase the confusion and the challenge for the potential attackers.

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Publication Info: confidentiality, integrity

Date: received 11 Sep 2009

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