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Cryptanalysis and Security Enhancement on the Generation of Mu-Varadharajan Electronic Voting Protocol

Vahid Jahandideh, Amir S. Mortazavi, Yaser Baseri, Javad Mohajeri

Abstract: Mu and Varadharajan proposed an electronic voting scheme and claimed that their scheme authenticates the voters, protects the anonymity of them, and detects the identity of double voters. Due to some weaknesses in Mu-Varadharajan scheme, several modi ed schemes have been proposed by Lin et al., Hwang et al., Rodriguez-Henriquez et al. and Asaar et al.; however this paper shows that these schemes su er from some weaknesses in ful lling the pointed properties. For this purpose, we get Hwang et al. scheme as a case study and apply our new attacks on it. Also we consider the applicability of the attacks on other pointed schemes. In addition, we present a new scheme and show that the scheme resists against the proposed attacks without loosing eciency.

Category / Keywords: Anonymity of voter, Unforgeability of ticket, Perceptibility of double voting, Security of voting, Attack prevention.

Date: received 31 Aug 2009, last revised 27 Jul 2010

Contact author: yaser_baseri at alum sharif ir

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