Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/417

More Differential Paths of TIB3

Harry Wiggins and Philip Hawkes and Gregory G. Rose and Cameron McDonald

Abstract: The TIB3-256 hashing algorithm [3] is a first round candidate in the SHA-3 competition [2]. Properties of the message expansion and the PHTX function are observed, and then exploited to create new high-probability differential paths through the compression function. Examples conforming to the differential paths are presented. Only one of these differential paths can be applied to the tweaked version of TIB3v2 [4]. Due to the dual-block input mode used in TIB3 and TIB3v2, these differential paths do not seem extensible to the full hash functions.

Note: In the time between when this paper was written and when the paper was made public, the SHA-3 Round 2 Candidates were announced, and TIB3 had been eliminated from the competition.

Category / Keywords: hash functions, TIB3

Date: received 27 Aug 2009

Contact author: phawkes at qualcomm com

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