Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/388

A Simple Secret Sharing Scheme for Hierarchical Threshold Access Structures

Kerem Kaskaloglu and Ferruh Ozbudak

Abstract: One of the recent generalizations of (t; n) secret sharing for hierarchical threshold secret access structures is given by Tassa, where he answer the natural question of sharing a secret among three employ- ees at least one of which is a manager. However, the schemes proposed to address this problem, require some signi cant amount of theoreti- cal background. We give a simpler yet ecient method for hierarchical threshold access structures. Our scheme employs a di erent approach than previous works, as it involves a certain distribution of polynomi- als, where members of higher compartments are given a summation of evaluations of higher number of polynomials resulting in a hierarchical e ect. The simplicity of our scheme is advantageous both in theory and in practical implementations.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / secret sharing, multipartite access structures, hierarchical threshold access structures.

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Date: received 7 Aug 2009, last revised 2 Sep 2009, withdrawn 23 Dec 2009

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